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PGM MG013 custom driver de golf driver sale oem mens titanium golf club

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1. The battering surface and tail of the club have increased diversion holes, which can reduce the air resistance of the club head and increase the swing speed, thereby hitting a longer flight distance.
2. Adopting one-piece molding casting process, the body is made of titanium 8-1-1-1, the striking surface is DAT-55 aerospace titanium, the ultra-thin 2.0MM striking surface, the striking sound is clear and loud.
3. Adjust the angle of the club head, control the take-off angle and backspin of the ball, thereby affecting the speed and spin rate of the ball; adjust to the right angle to hit the ideal distance.
4. Structure: The body adopts 17-4 cast stainless steel + Carpenter 455 hemp steel striking surface. Made by plasma welding.
5. Carpenter 455 material, crisp sound, more than 20 yards of hitting distance than ordinary PGM clubs. Longer and more flexible open accelerating grooves reduce backspin and increase ball pitch.
6. The battering surface of the club has increased diversion holes, which can reduce the air resistance of the club head, increase the swing speed, and hit a longer flight distance.
7.304 soft iron casting putter
Soft, stable and easy to control
High definition aiming system
Long touch time, high fault tolerance
8. Patented design of upper and lower curved surfaces

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