About us

PGM Golf, Pro Golf Master, is a brand of Foshan Shunde Yibang Golf Products Co., Ltd., specializing in the design, production and sales of all types of golf equipment.

English name: PGM
Application Date: 2006
Registration number: 5136446
Industry: Golf Supplies
Affiliated company: Foshan Shunde Yibang Golf Products Co., Ltd.

Brand introduction
PGM Golf, Pro Golf Master, is affiliated to Foshan Shunde Yibang Golf Products Co., Ltd., specializing in the design, production and sales of all types of golf equipment.
PGM focuses on creating professional golf equipment. By collecting feedback from professional players and first-line users, it integrates the industry's full-category marketing development data for innovation, and is committed to improving the category structure.

Brand Scale
PGM has a production base with a total area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters in Guangdong, and a research and development team composed of more than 50 professional and technical personnel. There are club workshop, golf bag workshop, clothing workshop, shoemaking workshop, greening workshop, lawn workshop, electronic supplies area, packaging and distribution area. The production lines of various categories have developed simultaneously to provide the public with systematic golf professional equipment.
PGM introduces production equipment, establishes a quality management system, and runs equipment, facilities and quality control through all stages of production; sets up a professional R&D and design team, and takes both popular and humanized product design into account; updates are very fast, and different products will be launched every month. New product. Products meet the different product needs of golf enthusiasts.

Brand Culture
Brand Interpretation: Professional golf equipment master.
Brand Vision: Quality empowerment, making PGM a golf equipment brand trusted by global consumers!
Brand mission: to promote the development of China's golf business and let more people enjoy a fashionable and healthy golf life!

Brand business scope
PGM covers golf clubs, golf bags, shoes, uniforms, balls, gloves, exercise machines, indoor golf simulation systems, artificial greens and various golf accessories.

Brand Memorabilia
In 2006, PGM brand application;
In 2009, launched PGM's first golf club JSF series;
In 2012, PGM entered the Ali international sales platform and started global sales business;
In 2013, it officially entered the Tmall flagship store;
In 2015, launched PGM golf non-slip shoes;
In 2016, the PGM golf telescopic bag was launched;
In 2017, the PGM Golf 360︒ adjustable pitch putter was launched;
In 2019, the PGM-MO EYES magic eye series golf clubs were launched;
In 2020, the PGM golf electric golf putter will be launched;
In 2021, PGM will sell more than 1,000 products to achieve full coverage of golf categories, including more than 10 series of golf clubs, to meet the needs of users at different levels;

Brand endorsement
On December 22, 2021, PGM announced the signing of two outstanding Chinese players Feng Shanshan and Li Haotong. Feng Shanshan and Li Haotong acted as PGM's "Bag Spokesperson" and "Golf Practice Device Spokesperson" respectively, further promoting the popularization and promotion of golf.