China Golf Association signed contract with PGM Golf, opening a new track for Chinese golf clubs!

China Golf Association signed contract with PGM Golf, opening a new track for Chinese golf clubs!

On August 9, at the Nanshan International Training Center of the China Golf Association in Longkou City, Shandong Province, Hui Chenlong, Minister of Commerce of the China Golf Association, and Zhou Tao, the founder of the PGM golf brand, signed a club cooperation agreement. Over the next five years, PGM will act as a club support partner of the China Golf Association, working side by side with the association to promote and popularize golf.

Another protagonist of the day's appearance is the new product launched by PGM Golf - two series of professional level clubs, MEGA PRO and SEED3 JR, which were certified by the R&A international club standard in August this year. As original Chinese local products, they embody the quintessence of PGM Golf's 16 years of club research and development technology, providing more choices for professional players in China and around the world.
Join forces to jointly open up a new track for golf popularization and promotion


Since its establishment in 1985, the China Golf Association has spared no effort in actively promoting and advocating the development of golf in China. As an advocate for the popularization and promotion of golf, the China Golf Association has always been committed to promoting golf as a part of the national fitness service system.
Founded in 2006, PGM Golf is a golf brand focusing on the development of a full range of products. After 16 years of hard work, PGM has successfully developed more than 1,000 products on the market and obtained more than 70 patents; and is committed to the globalization of Chinese brands, and has established exclusive PGM brands in more than 40 countries and regions where golf is carried out continue to export sophisticated equipment made in China.
PGM is also a practitioner of popularizing and promoting golf. The founder of the brand, Mr. Zhou Tao, specially mentioned that the brand mission of PGM is to promote the development of golf in China, so that more people can enjoy a fashionable and healthy golf life!
Based on the common mission and goals, the cooperation between China Golf Association and PGM is logical. At the grand meeting that day, the two parties jointly signed a five-year club cooperation agreement.

Hui Chenlong, Minister of China Golf Association Affairs Department, said: "The signing of the contract for the cooperation of golf club products marks that the China Golf Association and PGM have entered a new stage of close cooperation and joint development. We hope that both parties will give full play to their respective advantages, further promote brand marketing, and strengthen people's The recognition and recognition of PGM cue products will help build a healthy China and a sports powerhouse."


High-tech golf club technology enhances professional players' equipment


As one of the core equipment of golf, the club is very important to the player. A set of 12-14 pole golf professional sets, from the head, the shaft to the grip, the materials, technology, craftsmanship and design used in each pole are exquisite, even if there is a slight difference in the structural details, It can also lead to very different results.

When Zhou Tao, the founder of PGM, joined the golf industry in 2001, he was very interested in club research and development, and developed the first set of golf clubs in his life. In 2006, the PGM brand was established, and the development of golf clubs became the top priority of PGM equipment technology research and development. So far, PGM has successfully listed more than ten club series, including novice practice clubs, professional game clubs, youth clubs, etc., providing more diversified choices for golfers.
Last year, Pang Zheng, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Golf Association, mentioned that Chinese needs to have its own professional golf clubs. Mr. Zhou Tao took it seriously, and after that, he took the promotion of Chinese professional equipment as his own responsibility and increased investment in the research and development of golf club.
The two series of PGM clubs released on August 9 have both obtained R&A international standard certification. Among them, the MEGA PRO series is the first professional club developed by the PGM brand for professional player competition. In particular, the driver is specially designed with an aerodynamic shape. The head is forged with a special carbon fiber composite material combined with aerospace titanium alloy, which reduces weight while achieving an ultra-low center of gravity, improving fault tolerance, and achieving penetrating flight speed. The iron head, forged from 1020 soft iron, is specially processed to give the ball more spin at the end of flight.
The SEED3 series is tailored for younger players. It is designed for the 5 growth stages of teenagers, with 5 specifications, with 5 different weights and angles of the clubhead. Among them, the driver adopts a titanium alloy one-piece cast head, an ultra-thin top design, and a thick and thin design of the hitting surface, which reduces backspin, lowers the center of gravity, makes the shot more stable, and the ball speed is higher, making the flight of the ball more perfect.
Both putters are designed with CNC milling surface texture, and MEGA PRO also uses tungsten screws to increase the weight and enhance the controllability of the putter distance.
These two clubs launched by PGM Golf, to a certain extent, overturned the overall stereotype of the golf industry on China's independent clubs, and also symbolized a big step forward in the national club technology and enhanced the competition of China's golf equipment. force, so that Chinese players have more and better choices.

The release of the day made the golf industry re-acquainted with Chinese golf clubs. Mr. Zhou Tao said that after becoming the club cooperative brand of the China Golf Association, PGM will increase its investment and continue to refresh China's golf equipment library. In the future, more professional players will use PGM clubs to achieve excellent results in competitions!